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My Community Building Pack is the most cost effective way to learn the skills required to build and manage a successful online community, guaranteed.


The Community Building Pack will help you decide whether an online community is right for your organization. It will help you choose a community platform, find and engage members and teach you how to effectively moderate and manage your community. It will also help you determine the growth strategy for your online community and teach you how to grow without harming the relationships your community was founded on.

After purchasing the Community Building Pack and following the advice contained within it, you will have a strong foundation of knowledge that will help you build a successful online community.


The Community Building Pack contains advice, instructions and tips that include techniques that have taken years of education and experience to develop. You are inheriting this knowledge in a neat, simple package that will maximize your chances of community building success.

  • Nobody knows your business like you do. Combining the instructions in the pack with your up-to-date and in-depth business knowledge is a powerful combination
  • You can implement your community building program at your own pace
  • The pack can be shared with an unlimited number of employees within your organization

Why Purchase the Community Building Pack?

  • To save money by making one single investment in community building
  • To give yourself the confidence you need to build and manage an online community
  • To reduce costs and reap the rewards that online communities offer

What Does the Community Building Pack Contain?

The Community Building Pack is currently over 11,000 words in length and consists of three modules:

Module 1: Planning & Launching an Online Community
How to begin building an online community from scratch

This section includes:

  • Why do you want an online community?
  • Is an online community right for your organization?
  • Where to build your community
  • Choosing a community platform
  • Design and functionality tips
  • Where to find your first members
  • When to launch your online community

Module 2: Community Management
Increasing member engagement and participation

This section includes:

  • What is the role of a community manager?
  • How to convert lurkers into active members
  • How to encourage activity and member discussions
  • Developing a community culture
  • Online community metrics

Module 3: Community Moderation
Moderating your community and preventing chaos

This section includes:

  • What is the job of a community moderator?
  • How to recruit community moderators
  • How to draw up rules and community guidelines
  • How to deal with abusive members or content
  • How to avoid typical growing pains

Email Consultation

Your purchase of the Community Building Pack entitles you to ask a follow-up question or request additional information or advice on any aspect of community building via email. This alone is worth $95, based on my current email consultation rate.

I will aim to answer your request within 7 days via an update to the Community Building Pack.

Free Updates for Life

The Community Building Pack becomes more valuable over time. Your purchase entitles you to free lifetime updates for as long as I sell it. Every time I add information to the Community Building Pack based on client feedback, it will be re-released to all existing clients as a free update.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Community Building Pack is the most cost effective way to learn the skills required to build a successful online community. If you are not satisfied with any part of the Community Building Pack, just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will issue you a full refund.

The price for the entire Community Building Pack is just $49.95.
To purchase, click the button below:

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