Don’t frustrate new members of your online community

by Martin Reed on 26 February 2015 in Snippets

Getting people to join and contribute to your online community can be hard work.

There are many barriers to overcome.

When someone does decide to join, you want to capitalize on the momentum and make sure they can get involved as soon as possible.

New members of The Bump are greeted with a surprise after joining (click to enlarge):


“You need to have been a member of The Bump for
a couple of days before you can start to contribute.”

Some new members will wait the required ‘couple of days’. Some won’t.

One certainty, though: All new members will feel frustrated.

This can be avoided by getting rid of the cooling-off period entirely (recommended) or by making it clear that there is a waiting period up-front, before a new member joins.

When frustration is the first emotion experienced by a new member of your online community, you’re not off to a good start.

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