My Services

I have been building and managing online communities for 14 years.

My communities have been recognized by Web User magazine and the Telegraph newspaper. I have been interviewed by the BBC and I have given community building advice to the New York City Department of Education. My work has been used to help explain the benefits of community and the importance of community strategy to Le Figaro newspaper.

I can transform and reinvigorate communities that are losing momentum, manage existing communities, and build brand new online communities from the ground up.

I am passionate about online communities – I don’t like seeing them fail. Let’s work together to ensure yours is a success.

What I can do for you

I can help you decide if an online community is right for your business. I can help you determine what type of members you want, where you can find them and how to attract them to your community.

I can help you develop or choose the right community platform according to your needs and goals. I can help you launch your community in a way that maximizes your chance of success.

I can help you create content and introduce features that are relevant to your members.

I can give you advice on how to effectively manage your online community. This may involve drawing up guidelines for your members and staff or advising you on the best way to encourage community interaction and growth.

I can manage your community for you. I can recruit and manage a team of moderators. I will turn your members into cheerleaders who will love talking about your brand.

I can act as the public face of your organization within your online community. I will represent and speak for the community so you can better understand your customers.

I can encourage and facilitate the development of genuine relationships between your members. This will create a strong community that will be enthusiastic, positive and passionate.

I can speak at your next conference or seminar.

Your online community

Your community will strengthen brand loyalty and improve brand perception.

Your community will create cheerleaders that are passionate about your products or services.

Your community will create excitement and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Your community will give you new ideas and enable you to better meet the wants and needs of your customers.

Your community will enable you to build a two-way relationship with your customers.

Your community will enable you to reduce your advertising and market research spend.

Let’s talk

I am an online community strategist. I can help you with any aspect of online community building.

My email address is: martin – at –