Mentions in the Blogosphere 25 June 2007

by Martin Reed on 25 June 2007 in Snippets

These articles detail mentions of my blog out in the blogosphere. Not only does this recognise those who write about my blog, it allows you to see what other people are saying about Community Spark.

Hopefully you will also find mentions of articles you have not yet come across which may be useful to you.

My article entitled ‘Never stop experimenting‘ proved to be particularly popular, getting mentions from Nate Whitehill in his powerful posts for 13 June 2007, from Shane Navratil (Zoomstart) in his post entitled ‘Stuff‘, from David Culpepper (Pure Blogging) in his article ‘Weekend links 15 June 2007‘, from Derrich in his post ‘Friday finds 15 June 2007‘, and from George Brian Manty (Can I make big money online) in his post ‘Internet marketing tips from around the Web‘.

David Pitlyuk calls out my article on giving back to the online community in his links of interest for 11 June 2007.

John Chow read my article entitled ‘What are your contingency plans‘ and consequently asked his readers the same question in his post ‘Miscellaneous happenings on the net‘.

Josh Buckley mentioned my article entitled ‘Your community must be your passion‘ in his post ‘Other entrepreneurs wrote 15 June 2007

Jonathan from Smart Wealthy Rich wrote about my article detailing ‘The importance of a good domain name‘ in his post ‘Smart posts worth reading‘.

Kevin Muldoon from Blogging Tips gives a call out to my article detailing the dangers of ad burnout in his links roundup for 19 June 2007.

Daniel Honigman mentions my article entitled ‘Establish a personality for your community‘ in his post ‘Blogosphere update

Maki from Dosh Dosh shared my article entitled ‘Who are your Google AdSense advertisers‘ with his readers in his ‘Doshy link attack‘ post.

If you find some content on this blog you feel is worth a mention to your readers, you may just find your blog getting some recognition here in return.

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