Mentions in the Blogosphere 27 May 07

by Martin Reed on 27 May 2007 in Snippets

These articles detail mentions of my blog out in the blogosphere. Not only does this recognise those who write about my blog, it allows you to see what other people are saying about Community Spark.

Hopefully you will also find mentions of articles you have not yet come across which may be useful to you.

Ali J from Everybody Go To mentioned about my article ‘Top 5 Newsletter Design Tips‘ in his post ‘Why keep a blog?‘. Everybody go to is a blog focussed on Web 2.0, technology, internet news and open source ideas.

Robert from mentioned Community Spark in his post ‘Traffic driving day 4‘. He calls out my article on ‘Writing content for your community‘.

Rehuel gives the very same article a mention over at Blogging Notes. You can read his post at ‘Useful Links: Week 1‘.

Daniel went so far as to declare Community Spark as his ‘Site of the day‘ – thanks for the recognition Daniel!

Ades gives this blog a mention in his article ‘Community member blogs‘ over at

David from PureBlogging picked out my article ‘Give your site personal appeal‘ for special mention.

That article must have gone down well, as Kevin from Blogging Tips also gives it a mention in his article ‘Links roundup – May 22nd 2007‘, as does Nate in his business and web development blog.

David Pitlyuk is in agreement with my article ‘Why I avoid blog link exchanges‘ – he calls out my post in his blog over at

Vivien from Inspiration Bit gave a mention to this blog’s design and our use of a striking date alongside each post in her article entitled ‘Focus on details and get inspired‘.

I hope to make these ‘Mentions in the Blogosphere’ posts on a regular basis – if you find some content on this blog you feel is worth a mention to your readers, you may just find your blog getting some recognition here in return.

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Rehuel May 28, 2007 at 6:12 am

As long as you’re writing great articles, they will be mentioned in my blogs.

Thanks for the link love!

Martin Reed May 28, 2007 at 1:36 pm

Thanks again Rehuel – I best get on to writing some more great articles then!