Never be ashamed of luck – find it and embrace it

by Martin Reed on 25 August 2007 in Articles

Accept and embrace luck

During your ride as a site developer, you are likely to be met with a few instances of luck. These instances will boost your traffic, increase your exposure, offer you encouragement and make you feel good.

For some reason, many people feel embarrassed or are even too arrogant to admit the benefits of a little luck from time to time.

Often, you make your own luck

I do believe there are times when luck really does drop out of nowhere and give you a real helping hand. Most of the time though, you will find that luck didn’t find you – you simply worked hard and are now being rewarded.

Was it luck that got you a mention in a Website review magazine, or was it your hard work and dedication in making your site the best it can be that got you the write up?

Was it luck that got that high-traffic site linking to you, or was it the fantastic content you have been writing that earned you the respect of an authority website?

Luck can, and does, drop out of the sky

There are still times when luck can literally drop out of the sky and benefit you. Did you accidentally misspell something on your site but find it drive massive traffic from the search engines? Did you mention your site to a friend who happened to mention it to someone in the industry who later wrote an article about your website?

Don’t be ashamed of luck! Embrace it, and work to maximise the benefits it can bring. If your site is suddenly receiving a large amount of traffic from a specific source, welcome those visitors with a custom welcome message – you will instantly be making them feel valued and recognised. Thank the person that linked to you, too – who knows, they may have other sites that you could get a link from, too.

My encounters with luck

During the early days of Just Chat, I was lucky to exchange links with a site that received far more traffic than mine – perhaps ten times more. They gave me a basic text link somewhere in a list of links. I asked for top position, and got it. I asked if I could use a banner instead of a text link, and got it.

Overnight, my site was the top link and the only site with a graphical banner on the whole links page. I received hundreds of visitors every single day just from that one source. Do I consider that lucky? In a way, yes – but it was something I asked for and got. I went looking for some luck, and it found me.

Last year, I received an email from a cable TV production company saying they wanted to include my site in a documentary. A middle aged woman used our email penpals section to find new friends and socialise – for someone who was housebound she found our site to be a lifeline. Do I consider this lucky? Again, in a way yes – but the epals section of Just Chat is something I spend a lot of time on, and I feel recognition was due sooner or later.

Luck appears in many ways. Never be ashamed of it, and be sure to always embrace it. Don’t sit around waiting for luck to find you – get out there, work hard and find it yourself!

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Goyin August 27, 2007 at 3:56 am

i think that with a positive attitude, we attract luck to ourselves.

Martin Reed - Blog Author August 27, 2007 at 1:37 pm

Goyin – I most certainly agree!