Never forget text link advertising

by Martin Reed on 9 July 2007 in Snippets

In this day and age of graphical sumptuousness and ‘Web 2.0‘ it is easy to forget about the humble text link advert as a revenue stream. I find text link adverts are my most profitable revenue stream – never disregard them!

Why text link adverts?

Using text link adverts to make moneyVisitors come to your site for content. Most of your content will be text based. Therefore, the attention of your visitors will be focussed on your text. Many regular Web users are blind to the standard graphical advertisements and their common placement points.

Incorporating text links into your copy will increase the exposure of the ads you are running and has the potential to earn you significantly more revenue than utilising graphical elements alone.

How to incorporate text link advertisements

If you are running graphical ads on your website, there should be text alternatives available. Ask your advertiser for text links – they will also often be able to provide you with copy that they know to be effective.

If you are a member of an affiliate network, you can simply login to your account and choose text link ads when searching for specific ads to display from your chosen merchant.

If you do not currently have ads on your site, and are interested in placing text link advertisements there are a range of options open to you. You may like to join an affiliate network – if you are in the UK a good resource to check out is Affiliates4U and their marketing networks section. They also have a smaller USA marketing networks section for those in America.

As for networks I would recommend – I have had a great relationship with TradeDoubler for many years, and have heard many positive things said about Text Link Ads.

Never dismiss text advertisements

As mentioned earlier – it is all too easy to forget about the most basic form of advertising on your website. Text link ads can be highly effective – if you haven’t given them a try, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Just remember to ensure your adverts are relevant to your audience.

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Vijay Teach Me July 9, 2007 at 4:14 pm

Sure it can be good percentage of revenue.


Nenad Ristic July 9, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Good advice. I almost compeltelly rely on text links for my income

Smiley July 9, 2007 at 8:03 pm

Yes, I agree with you 100% on text links for gaining revenue. My revenue trebled when I switched over from picture-ads to text-ads.

But is it ethical? That is, does it make us any better than the scamming scum of the net?

We are told that; to optimize our revenue, to place ‘text’ ads in certain areas of our site, and to make them match our current design and content – isn’t this basically “tricking” our visitors in a very sly way to click on them, leave our site, take them to a different product? I mean “what do we care, they make us money….” – doesn’t this put us in the same league as scammers?

I for one do not feel good about this, that’s why I got rid of these ‘optimized’ methods, and my ads are now CLEARLY marked as ads, text OR graphical. Sure, my revenue has gone down (from 30 a day to just 10 per day), but atleast now I don’t feel like I am pigeon-holed as ‘scum’ like most other advertising-publishers – I’m not “tricking” my visitors, who I care about very much.

Russ July 9, 2007 at 11:23 pm

I have already implemented some text-link-ads. The problem is while they do seem to have improved my search engine rankings slightly, they have not yet sent any active members which I what I really wanted. I suppose that in the end they will have benefited me, but I would really like some immediate activity.

Martin Reed - Blog Author July 11, 2007 at 7:03 am

Vijay Teach Me – Thanks for your comment. Do you utilise text ads? How effective have you found them to be?

Nenad Ristic – It’s great to hear that text ads are working so well for you. Be careful to ensure you do not become overly reliant on a single revenue stream, though!

Smiley – You raise some interesting points in your comment. It is important to act ethically when placing ads on your site. If you are to use text ads, you can place them in a specific area with a heading such as ‘Sponsored Links’ so you can be confident you are providing full disclosure to your visitors.

If you are placing affiliate links within the regular content of your site, you may wish to change the link colour (an easy customisation to do through CSS) or add a symbol or image so your users know it is a sponsored link.

Additionally, you could publish a disclosure policy on your site detailing your policy towards text link ads, how users can recognise them and where and when you use them.

Russ – Thanks for your comment. This article was considering text link advertising from the perspective of a publisher as opposed to an advertiser.

You have inspired me to write an article on effective advertising from the perspective of an advertiser for a future date, though – in the meantime you really need to ensure you are targeting the right audience through your choice of keywords and targeted sites.

Andy July 12, 2007 at 6:52 am

I have just purchased some Text Link Ads on other local sites so will soon see how effective it is.

TLA gives $100 off your first campaign with the coupon code below, so it’s well and truly worth it

I think you need to generate a personal relationship with your text ad publishers to gain the most out if it.

Martin Reed - Blog Author July 12, 2007 at 6:12 pm

Andy – be sure to let us know how you get on with Text Link Ads. With a free $100 coupon, it is definitely worth giving it a try!

Personal relationships with text ad publishers can certainly lead to more rewards – it’s all about getting noticed and networking!