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by Martin Reed on 21 July 2011 in Snippets

Insomnia Land has a mailing list for those interested in keeping up to date with the latest insomnia news and research. The content of the emails that are sent is exclusive to mailing list subscribers. Sometimes, subscribers who are also members of the community get confused when they want to discuss the content of those emails.

Here’s a recent email I received from a member/subscriber:

I’m finding it hard to find your emails on the website to start a thread about them. Also, I’m finding conflicting info on <subject matter of the email>.

Now, the normal response would probably be something like this:

We don’t post the emails on our website – they’re exclusive to our mailing list subscribers.

If you wish to discuss specific topics (for example <subject matter of the email>), I suggest you post in the forums (I see that you’re already a member). Simply go to the insomnia category and post away – don’t be shy!

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Unfortunately, this still leaves potential for confusion and keeps the onus on the member to follow through and contribute.

As an alternative (or a supplement) to the email above, how about asking them for their thoughts and offering to post them on their behalf?

Other scenarios:

If someone is too shy to introduceĀ themselves, why not take some of the information from their profile and create a post all about them, welcoming them to the community?

If someone tells you they love a thread started by another member, why not post that comment to the thread yourself?

Sure, posting on behalf of your members may seem counter-intuitive, but you won’t be doing it all the time. Besides, it’s all about getting the conversation started (and keeping it going).

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