Powerful posts 1 July 2007

by Martin Reed on 1 July 2007 in Snippets

There are some fantastic resources out there if you know where to look. Here I will share some great articles I have recently come across in my online travels.

In May I wrote an article entitled ‘Writing content for your community‘. Alex Yang really goes one better over at Michael Kwan’s blog, Beyond the Rhetoric, in an article entitled ‘Top 10 grammar mistakes writers make‘. Definitely an essential read for everyone.

Ray Dotson wrote an interesting article over at FreshBlogger entitled ‘5 minute how to: get started with blog carnivals‘. I hear blog carnivals are a great way of increasing your blog’s exposure. Ray offers a great guide to getting started for all the carnival virgins.

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout wrote a useful article entitled ‘The 4 essential elements of an about me page‘. If you run a blog, you should have an ‘about me’ page. Simple as that.

I always harp on about the importance of creating content. At times, you will often struggle for ideas – Jane May‘s article entitled ‘How to get around writers block‘ should help.

Kevin Muldoon wrote a great article entitled ‘The importance of having keywords in your domain name‘. Kevin’s article is a great complement to my post ‘The importance of a good domain name‘.

Nate Whitehill makes yet another appearance in my ‘Powerful posts’ series with his comprehensive article ‘The right friends make the difference‘. The right friends really can help you succeed and meet your goals.

Jonathan from Smart Wealthy Rich tells us why ‘Brainstorming is useless if you can’t see the big picture‘. You can be focussed, but always remember to look at the bigger picture!

Shane from Zoomstart announces that there are ‘5 things every entrepreneur can learn from bottle collectors‘. Read the article, and by the end you’ll be convinced of the logic!

Were these articles of interest to you? If you think this post was of use, then please let me know and I will make them on a regular basis (perhaps every couple of weeks). If you prefer to only read articles I have authored myself, again let me know by leaving a comment.

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Shane July 1, 2007 at 11:03 pm

Hey Martin, thanks!

Some great stuff here. Nate is exactly right about having great friends. Neil’s post on “about” pages made me think about mine a little more.

Jon - SmartWealthyRich July 2, 2007 at 2:32 am

Hey Martin! Thanx a lot for the mention! :)
I really liked Ray’s post on freshblogger, will have to look into blogcarnivals a little more.

Smiley July 2, 2007 at 3:02 am

Yes, I agree with Shame. The ‘About Me’ page article made me think. Although, I have given myself a profile page along with the regulars of the community, with an image of myself and with my interests on there.

I am ‘public’ to the community, and not just a name. The grammar mistakes article was of interest to me, too.

Has anyone written any good articles for promoting a community at the start? I hate spamming, so I refuse to do it. I’d rather sit in an empty chat room and chat to myself before I resort to spamming!

Martin Reed July 2, 2007 at 7:19 pm

Shane – You are very welcome :)

Jon – I agree with you; Ray’s article was really useful. I too, need to start testing the effectiveness of blog carnivals.

Smiley – Stick around here, I will be writing more about attracting traffic in future articles.

Smiley July 3, 2007 at 4:55 am

I sure will. I have actually taken steps myself that I think maybe of use to people. I may stick all my ideas for promotion up on a site somewhere.

Most of the steps I took were free, too, so there’s no excuse for community owners not to have new daily content to retain visitors!