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by Martin Reed on 16 March 2007 in Snippets

Well as promised, I have now setup a trial with StumbleUpon to see the effects of their advertising program on traffic at Just Chat. As detailed in a previous post on the subject, I am not interested in people visiting the site and simply leaving once they get to the index page – there is absolutely no value for my advertising spend if the majority of users do this. I want them to explore the site – if the don’t like it, then fine … but I at least want the users to give the website a chance!

In order to measure the quality of the traffic I am being sent by StumbleUpon, I have taken a benchmarking reading of the number of ‘Bounces’ the homepage of Just Chat normally receives (the number of people who visit the homepage then leave without navigating to any other pages on the site). I can then compare this benchmark with the number of bounces received during the StumbleUpon test in order to determine the quality of the traffic that StumbleUpon is sending me.

I have setup the targeting to be for users interested in forums, UK only, male or female aged 18-65. I will run this for a week, and allow the ads to be delivered as many times as StumbleUpon can handle. I am not expecting this to be overly expensive due to the precise targetting, hence why I am willing to let the ads run at the highest level possible.

I will report back this time next week with the results of this little case study.

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