The problem with halls of shame

by Martin Reed on 25 September 2014 in Snippets

The best way to deal with troublemakers in your online community is quietly (and quickly).

There is no ‘one size fits all’ way of dealing with abusive members.

You may want to privately discuss any issues you’re having with individual members on a one-to-one basis behind the scenes.

You may decide to delete content or ban members.

That’s your prerogative as a community manager (or moderator).

It’s important not to end up spending too much time on this issue, though.

It’s even more important that you don’t draw attention to the kind of behavior you’d rather not see in your online community.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Atheist Forums website does with their Hall of Shame.

Creating and maintaining a hall of shame consumes time that is better spent cultivating your community. It also acts as a badge of honor for those listed. It could even encourage other disillusioned (or bored) members to try getting on the list.

They’re best avoided.

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